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Data Catalogs - how to succeed with a data driven business

The recent hype around data catalogs is justified. Many organisations are investing heavily into building shared data platforms, enabling self-service BI and setting up processes powered by machine learning. But at the same time data is still in isolated silos, business engagement is lacking and awareness of existing data assets is trapped behind personal connections.

The big promise of data catalogs is to make the data discoverable, then accessible and finally enable true data democracy across the enterprise.

Solita has vast experience in implementing data catalogs for leading data-driven companies. We will be hosting a two-part webinar series around the topic.

In this first webinar we will talk about:

  • Why data catalogs have become the new(est) black
  • How to know if you should consider investing in data catalogs
  • How to evaluate which category of data catalogs you should choose

Watch the webinar recording!

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