API ops 3


How to implement a DevOps-friendly API architecture

A well implemented API strategy is one of the cornerstones in a successful data driven company. Our experience is that many API initiatives fail to reach full potential due to the lack of adoption in an organizations DevOps teams.

In this webinar, Johan Kitti and Erik Andersson from Solita discuss the challenges with rolling out a central API strategy and strategies for overcoming them. 

With their combined experience from aligning processes in developer organizations and technical hands-on practices from various API initiatives, we aim to give you concrete actions to take depending on where in the API journey your organisation is.

We explore:

  • What challenges the organisation experience when introducing a platform for managing and exposing APIs
  • Different ways to organize your teams to gain advantages from the central API management (and their pros and cons)
  • Software tools and how to implement them in order to automate the life cycle management of APIs in distributed teams

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