implement data catalogs


Implementing Data Catalogs

Implementing a data catalog is simple. That is true if you look at it as a traditional IT project. But to make the big promise of Data Catalogs - discoverable, accessible and democratised data - part of everyday life in your organisation, the challenge lies in the required organisational transformation. To get different results, you need different behaviour and not just new tools.

Solita has vast experience in implementing Data Catalogs for leading data-driven companies and now we are hosting a two-part webinar series on this topic. In the first webinar we helped you evaluate whether you need a data catalog or not.

In this second webinar you will learn:

  • What does a typical timeline for a data catalog implementation look like?
  • What are the lessons learnt from these implementations?
  • What is there to consider when planning your own Data Catalogs project?


The webinar is hosted by Data Catalogs experts Lasse Girs and Kirsi-Marja Kaurala, and you can watch the recording by filling out the form.

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