Secure your business by controlling your data and online presence

According to Gartner 80% of European organisations has experienced security incidents. At the same time 50% CEOs does not feel that their organizations are prepared for the new threats. 

Cyber security breaches drives increased costs and business risks. The longer time it takes to identify and mitigate the breach the more costs it will generate for your business.

A new methodology for how to master cyber security challenges has been developed. It is based on a solution that is automatically scanning your networked data resources and online presence in combination with an early warning system. This gives you an understanding for what anyone can see about you outside your organisation. 

In this webinar recording, hosted by Miika Heini, Product Manager for Solita WhiteHat, you will learn:

  • What cyber security risks you must protect your business from
  • A new methodology for how to avoid these risks
  • How to take the next step towards a more secure business



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