Is your data platform a bottleneck for data science?

The 3rd part of our webinar series powered by AWS is here!
Are you struggling with tens or hundreds of source systems and scaling problems with your data platform? Do you have even more business cases utilising the data? Does your engineering team struggle within it’s limits to understand each domain and to apply the use cases that different domains demand?
Distributed data platform offers a new way to scale enterprise data development. This shifts both the freedom to build what ever applications needed to the business functions themselfs, but also the responsibility to take care of them and provide them to other domains. This approach speeds up the delivery of business cases to usage, and also simplifies data science development having domain understanding stay together with the data.
Could this be the solution to your scaling problems?
Watch the recording to hear from an approach that enabled scaling of data development in a large organisation.
In this webinar you will learn:  
  • How the concept of distributed data lake works
  • How data science benefits from distributed data lake
  • What to consider when establishing the distributed data lake approach to your organisation


This webinar is hosted by Antti Loukiala, an experienced data architect and by Miia Niemelä, applied Data Scientist with MLOps mindset.


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