Designed Strategies 

Design thinking has changed the way we create new services and products. Walk by any new business team and they are bound to be user centric and believe in multi-disciplinary teams and fast prototyping. Yet, walk by a strategy team and you’ll hear talk of competitors and markets, of benchmarks and of best practices, and most likely see a team of talented individuals with standard backgrounds.

Working at the intersection of design and business, we’ve come to see that the way strategies are done and executed has a lot to gain from adopting design thinking and tools. Sign up and watch this webinar recording to hear our findings and get first ideas for the path to infuse strategy with design.

You will discover

  • How to improve strategy input and insights with design methods
  • Role of strategy exploration, experiments and scaling
  • How to make strategic adaptation more effective
  • The foundations of strategic thinking and their relation to Designed Strategy


Webinar is hosted by business designer Jaakko Luomaranta and Tiina Korvenoja from Solita. Through their experience from strategy consulting, design thinking and strategy research, they help Nordic businesses to stay relevant and transform in complex business environments.

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