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Faster value from data with modern connectivity solutions

Up until now business intelligence and integration have been siloed with different teams solving different types of problems, often working in stovepipes without interaction.

With data-driven decisions becoming increasingly important, there is an imminent need for faster access to data and closer collaboration between teams and platform. In this webinar you will learn how this can be handled in a better way with connectivity and data engineering working together to reach business goals.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Reduce time to market with new data
  • Combine integration and data engineering in order to increase efficiency
  • Use new data sources to get closer relationship with customers
  • Drive innovation and business value by unlocking data through reusable APIs
  • Learn how to foster collaboration and innovation between teams and platforms through a case demonstration inspired by real life events
Solita together with our partners Mulesoft and Tableau invite you to take part of this recorded webinar. 

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