How to succeed while transforming?

In the current political landscape with the nuclear phase-out in Germany and an ever-changing business landscape in the energy sector, it is important to keep internal structures functioning. Especially when teams are built cross-functional with successful business development in mind. 

Agile and lean ways of working are the key to this, but the true value comes from knowing how to use them in your own organisation's context. 

Usually, existing organisational structures have a long growth history and are set in stone. These type of organisations do not have the right mindset to support this new way of working and changes need to be made not only on the operational level but also within leadership and management.

We believe that at the the very core of successful business development and transformation are cross-functional teams and their leadership. 

Sign up for How to succeed with cross-functional teams webinar hosted by Solita’s Principal Consultant Marko Taipale, to learn how to tackle these complex problems in our daily work. 

Marko has been working both in strategical and operational level with companies like Fortum, GE, KONE and SOK. His core competencies are innovation, agile product development and organisational design.

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