Strategic data management: Data Mesh meets MDM

Enabling data mesh through master data management and data as a product.

How to design and architect a modern and scalable distributed ecosystem (a data mesh) built on consolidated MDM data products? 

In this session we clarify the concept of data as a product, presented in practice how traditional master data management (MDM) is ‘just another’ set of data products enabling a modern distributed data management approach, and shared our views on why an API strategy is a key in making this all work.

Watch the webinar recording and learn:

  • Why and how data as a product is different to data (as an) asset
  • The traditional context of master data management (MDM) and data consolidation
  • Why MDM is still relevant and business critical in a modern, distributed data mesh
  • Why an API strategy is essential and how it enables the delivery of data products (like MDM)

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