What is MLOps and how to benefit from it?

This webinar is a great introduction to MLOps for anyone having or planning to have reliable and controlled ML models running in production. Our Solita experts will go through the fundamentals of MLOps – why to talk about it and more importantly, how to implement.

After this webinar you will:
  • Have a good understanding of what MLOps is and why it is important
  • Know how to utilise it in practice through a case study
  • Know how to get started with MLOps


Webinar is hosted by our experts Anniina Sallinen, Miia Niemelä, Simon Lofwander, Filip Wästberg and Rauno Paukkeri from Solita. They design and build solutions to manage production level machine learning applications for some of the biggest companies in the Nordics.

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